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The firm of DiSabatino, CPA is recognized as a leader in on-line (internet-based) business. From web publishing to e-commerce, we have been involved in internet site development since 1996.


In fact, the Aberddeen Group prepared a white paper on Social Media on the web, which used Sportbikes.com as a case study. Mike DiSabatino was the founder and CEO of Sportbikes.com at that time, the largest online community for sport riding enthusiast. See the report below (page 12 among other references) for the case study.

Sportbikes.com was awarded the Best Online Community Award from Ektron in 2007 and the site was successfully acquired by VerticleScope, Inc., the premier online sports-related publishing company in 2007.

Mike's web expertise is another ancillary area that demonstrates his range of knowledge.

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